Introducing MotoCzysz Z-Line 4 Engine


MotoCzysz has completed the design of their new engine- a culmination of the technologies and ideas explored with the first prototype, in a never before seen configuration called the Z-Line 4.

The MotoCzysz Z-Line 4 engine maintains the longitudinal crank shafts, eliminating the gyroscopic forces that slow handling. The twin counter rotating crank design eliminates the torque effect while nearly perfectly balancing the primary and secondary forces of the engine, achieved without the need or use of any counter balancers.

The newest unique feature of the Z-Line 4 engine is the routing of the intakes, which are positioned between the cams. This is made possible by a triple overhead cam arrangement, with a single full intake cam running down the center of the head, and two partial exhaust cams, one on each side. Looking at the top of the engine, one can see straight down the intake to the top of the piston.

The unique design of the Z-Line 4 engine makes for an extremely compact and narrow package allowing MotoCzysz to explore dynamic new possibilities in chassis and aerodynamic design.

To see what it’s like to bring a clean-sheet-design engine to life for the first time, we share this moment with you.

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